Indian Muslim are determining that the Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was a significant Indian leader of freedom struggle during first half of the 20th Century. Her Highness Mohtarma Abadi Begum alias Bi-Amma has strictly cultured her son Ali brothers against British slavery. Maulana’s younger brother Shaukat Ali was also freedom fighter in his era. Now, there is no person is remembering any of the Ali brothers today. Even had not only Government of India but Indian People have completely forgotten them in their historical mindset of Indian freedom struggle.

Making of Academy: When all the friends have set their mind to start proposed Academy had its need an office. The then in Rampur a senior amongst friendlier intellectuals Janab Hakim Maseeha Nizami was been holding a weekly Urdu Poetry recitation programme on each Wednesday in his clinic. We keep all the detail before Hakim sahib. Dr. Seema Nizami had resolved the problem and congratulates us. Hakim sahib allowed us to start the academy from a separate clinic corner, but had refused to be a responsible patron. Fortunately the poets, intellectuals and Rampur mass were gathered on the day. Hakim sahib himself declared that Mr. Majid Raman and Mr. M. Saleem have determined to start an Academy in the name of Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar. Peoples flooded to congratulate us. We have also announced that the Academy will survive under the special Patronage of Hakim Masseha Nizami. Now its making comes in process.

When Academy flagged in Public: It was a time of UP Assembly election was over, and popular social activist Janab Manzoor Ali Khan alias Shannon Khan was recently comes elected from Rampur Legislative Constituency. We people reaches him with the details of making Academy and have requested to inaugurate its Office to start proper work to take off towards targeted objected of the organization.

The birth anniversary of Muhammad Ali is December 10 and Death Anniversary is on January 04, But Academy was born during March. We fixed the date of its Office Inauguration to be held on March 28, 1974. MLA Manzoor Ali Khan has loudly inaugurated the office of the Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar Academy, and a grand Urdu Mushiera (Poetry Recitation Program) was held in the night at my residence.

Postal Stamp of Remembering Muhammad Ali Jauhar: The Academy Officials has first have requested Government of India, to issue a postal stamp of remembering Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, the legend Muslim freedom fighter of pre-independent British India. After some of the needed struggle of central Minister Zulfiqarullah Sahib Prime Minister of the then, Morarji Desai has released a postal stamp of remembering Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar on the eve of his birth centenary January 04, 1978. Many of the socio-cultural activities have been held under the banner of Muhammad Ali Jauhar Academy yet.

It has a record of Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar Academy has given its Award to the one hundred thirty-five (135) prestigious personalities of the country have been served Indian nation in the following of the thoughts of freedom and fraternity during last twenty two(22) years. It had also underlined that the 15 eminent personalities of Rampur have also awarded for same due to have serving Rampur, the birth place of the Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar.  Former President Giani Zail Singh has regularly presided each of the Award ceremony from 1989-1993.
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